Chronicle Collectibles

I’m truly honored to have partnered up with Chronicle Collectibles to create this officially licensed poster for their life-sized 1:1 bust of the mighty RoboCop! 

This is a revamp of my previous 12x12” Planet Pulp gallery piece called “The Future has a Silver Lining”. Now 18x24”, with punchier colors, film credits and the iconic logo. This artwork will go out with the first 100 pre-orders of the statue (shown above)! It’s awesome to see how the illustration has evolved, and how it has ultimately become an art piece to support a beloved icon of cinema, and fan-favorite collectible company. It goes to show that we can never really tell what the future holds - so keep creating!


This is the project that awakened my love for illustration, storytelling, and a unique way of capturing both.

Chuck Mefford (Author)

Collin Daniel Schlicht (Illustrations)


Here are the illustrations I put together for a book project I got to work on called "Tickle the Toes, Touch the Heart, Change the Mind" from branding and marketing expert, Chuck Mefford (shown far left, next to me, for our bio artwork!). Be sure to check out his insightful YouTube talks. So grateful to Chuck for the awesome opportunity that helped to launch me into freelance illustration.

Aaron James Draplin (Draplin Design Co.)

So this happened. One of my absolute favorite Graphic Designers, and my new Oregonian neighbor, Aaron James Draplin hired me to illustrate his portrait for some upcoming DDC promo materials!

And just for kicks, I also threw in an extra “bonus” portrait (“Neon” / right) that I created while feeling out the approach for the final illustration (“Orange 021” / above). So fun!

As it goes for every client, it was awesome to partner directly with Aaron, receive and implement any feedback he had for me, and push myself during the creative process so that I could honor him with some artwork that we’re both excited about. Enjoy!


Designing this little jammer was a great change of pace! With the universal phrase “I Love Music” in mind (exactly what my client Justin Smith-Williams wanted this tee design to represent), I offered a couple of different design styles. But as I saw an opportunity to remix the familiar iconography he wanted, and incorporate his logo, I thought that creating a “mascot” to represent everything was the fresh and fun way to go!

It was the perfect project to take cues from my influences, push the concept, and try something new…all while still keeping things in a familiar style.

Check out my design for his single “One Shot” here!

Title Screen

The Greatest King

Here’s a fun one for Rolling Hills Community Church! This poster is for an RH Kids teaching series about King David - the Psalmist and shepherd boy who slayed Goliath with a sling and a stone. I’m always inspired by David, and was given the freedom by RHCC to dig into my illustration style (and my influences, along with some great reference material), so this project was way awesome.

Check out another cool project for Rolling Hills here!


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